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. 4:31. excuse me. i am battling a cold. a few areas of light rain in the potomac highlands and west virginia, parts of maryland, south of interstate 68, so mainly west virginia and the potomac. there will be a few more showers and storms this afternoon. it's going to be and humid day. is 75 degrees. now in degrees a few isolated downpours possible this afternoon and evening. 89 degrees today for the high temperature, partly cloudy today and the next few days with highs in the low 90's,. back to you. >> thank you. let's start with the beltway near university boulevard. no delays right now. one lane was getting by. there's a new traffic configuration in the long term work zone. it changed overnight. both sides of the beltway, the long term work zone is now three lanes to the right and one lane to the left on the inner loop at university boulevard and new hampshire. it's just a different pattern starting today. ongoing bbuild work continues. 95 and 395, hov lanes are open all the way from dumphries and to the 14th street bridge. no accidents or incidents. most of the road where it is o
. joining me to discuss this is a terrorism analyst with the potomac institute with policy studies. thank you for coming in tonight. how did this low budget, barely watched movie by a fringe company in the u.s. cause this problem. >>in the way of thinking in the middle east especially with their ideology. that if you insulted the prophet, you would be killed immediately without even chance to repent from this. and additionally, the mohammed, they believe in the day of judgment, god or allah will send the sinners to hell and the one to come to protect them is prophet mohammed. and so they have more emotions and plus this -- simply the human life in the teaching, when you see they are killing some man because he converted, when you execute the killing ever a human being because he insulted the prophet mohammed, but this is what you can find in mainstream teaching, and so unless and until this form of teaching is stopped and changed, then we are having a major problem in the middle east. >> is there anything under the surface here beyond ala because it was like a tinder box that blew up. >>
the king of comedy can, of course. plus, also wounded warriors are finding hope in healing on the potomac river. first though relief for howard county rez dents who are embarrassed by where they live. a small cul-de-sac in columbia that had a name that was racist. and neighbors are successful in a change for their address. >> you buy in to a house when you realize you are on coon hunt court. >> i'm embarrassed to live on that street. i feel it was a mistake because it was supposed to be a name of a bird coit. and it was a mistake, an honest mistake or mistake. >> we asked some residents of columbia driving through the neighborhood what they think of the street name. >> when i first moved to the neighborhood i noticed the name of the street and think it is offensive. >> neighbors have been trying to get the name changed for many years feeling it is racist and offensive. >> i think it is unfortunate certainly african-americans that i talk to on the phone know what it notes. i'm glad it is being changed. >> reporter: there are six houses on the street and they unanimously took acouncilman to
ridge and in the potomac highlands. and 74 inahoma city boston. will talk more about the rain chances and flash flooding potential, coming up. a northwest washington is all heard again today. in bloomingdale's and other neighborhood cleaning up basementagging their after sunday night's's storms. many are blaming the district of the drainage system for the backups. a council member has proposed p a relief fund to help those residents. 16 months after the u.s. raid that killed osama authorized -- an unauthorized book is. hitting bookstore is the author never saw the of the pentagon or the cia. brianne carter joins us with what this might mean. this book was originally supposed to be released on september 11. o many details it to the about was moved up to wasy -- their release date moved up. the pentagon decided to take action. in.hat you ordered has come >> the book with so much buzz hits store shelves. the detailed of osama bine rate of osama was written byd" navy >> its controversial. the defense department was not t the book before hand. >> several people preorders the this b
. >> reporter: from the stage on the potomac national's infield, president barack obama started his rally with a hat tip to the current baseball club. >> i want to congratulate the washington nationals for bringing play-off baseball to d.c. >> reporter: but the president quickly turned his attention to his republican opponent, ridiculing the secretly recorded comments mitt romney made at a fund-raiser in which he told donors that 47% of americans were dependent on government, some saw themselves as victims and back the president. >> i don't believe we could get very far with leaders who write off half the nation as a bunch of victims. i don't see a lot of victims in the crowd today. i see hard working virginians. >> reporter: some obama supporters also seized on romney's remarks. this family who runs a small business in the county count themselves among the 47%. >> that was offensive. for our campaign, it just brought us out. now more people want to vote. >> a lot of people are really moved by the president, what he's done for this country. he counts us all. he doesn't mark off 47% and sa
at the potomac institute on computer network threats posed by a foldable supply chain. this is about two hours. >> ladies and gentlemen, if i could have your attention, please. minus michael swetnam and on michael swetnam and ceo of the potomac institute for policy studies, and it's my distinct honor and courage to welcome you here today for a seminar on supply chain threat of cyber issue that we have been discussing in and around washington for quite some time. the potomac institute, for those of you have not been here before, is a science and technology not for profit policy think tank, if you will in the washington, d.c. area that focuses on how science and technology affects our national security. for quite some time we've been involved in the study of issues in and around what people call asymmetric threats. and most importantly, terrorism. this past year the professor and i released our second volume on al qaeda about 11 years after our first volume on al qaeda right before 9/11. i'd like to call your attention to. there are copies available, and, of course, available on the web on amazo
minutes from now he will speak to supporters at the potomac national location in woodland. scott thuman is there. >> we are at the ballpark. we are going to see both candidates really stumping hard today. we are aware of the potomac nationals play. the president will take the podium in five minutes. consider how many times we have seen him in virginia. 42 times the president has been here. 13 times just this year. a lot of that is raising money and getting out the vote effort. the president today expected to asked talk quite a bit on the economy and about mitt romney's comments at a private from razor when he spoke about 47% of the electorate believe they are victims and rely on the government and that he cannot win over from obama. we will hear from the president. quite an arrival, flying in on marine one and a landing right behind home plate. the crowd in chanting four more years. it's a tight race. a new poll shows they are neck and neck. we will hear from mitt romney today as well. he is in nevada and will talk about a statement the president said, that you cannot change washington
the forecast coming up. >>> water was pretty choppy on the potomac even before the storms rolled through this afternoon. 19 people had to be rescued when their boat capsized around 2:00, near potomac park only some of the people on the boat were wearing life jackets. fortunately, all of them made it out of the water safely. witnesses driving by saw the boat turnover. heard people screaming and they ran to notify park police. >> maybe 15, 20 people were there, everybody was on water, and they began to just scream help, help. >> police were able to rescue everyone, no one had to be hospitalized. the boat was towed to dry land. >>> after making a big impression this week at the democratic national convention. julian castro hits the campaign trail in virginia. he's not the only one in the commonwealth this weekend. >>> in sports, so the 9:15 meeting looks like it's going to start a little late... um, but i uh... (interupting) oh okay - okay yup that's fine. excuse me - sorry. yes! vo: from the new, to the hard to find: when it's on your mind, it's on ebay™. >>> president obama had a high p
minutes. right now 59 at reagan national. dewpoint at 54. just a very light breeze now. the potomac looking as calm as a millpond this morning. as we look at the view from space. we have clouds building across virginia. those speckles of green in southwest virginia, southwest of richmond and roanoke, just a few sprinkles there. heavy downpours moving into kentucky and tennessee. farther south and west of there. ahead of that, we've got a chill in the air. in fact, only in the 50s. the dark green zone. that covers most of the region. 40s in the light blue. you see just north and west of washington. we are going to be warming up rapidly, though. by 8:00 a.m., upper 50s and still rather chilly but bright sunshine. gi beginning to cloud up by noontime. upper 70s for a high. sunrise 6:52. sunset 7:12. i'm back in ten minutes with a hometown forecast. here's danella with your first 4 traffic. good morning. >> good morning, tom. >>> still watching the roadways and still seeing a few problems to warn you about. let's start with stafford, traveling route 1. southbound lanes are closed with t
the surface, a sad discovery today on the potomac. it was a sobering scene. they recovered the body described only as an adult white male round to o'clock 15 this afternoon. earlier, the had gotten a call an individual in the potomac about 500 miles north and it became apparent that this was not a rescue but a recovery. the body was pulled out of the river near the georgetown waterfront. it's not clear whether the man was a swimmer, a boater, or doing something else. they say the current can be dangerous and deceptive. >> you hear about it pulling people wonder who do not know how to swim. the park service is very strict about this with putting out the cautionary notes. >> unfortunately we get these reports a few times per year. police are trying to identify this man trying to figure out why he was in the water. live in northwest washington abc 7 news. >> big honors for a man killed in afghanistan with a sea of red, white, and blue to wandering the peace deal from maryland. his body was returned home to bed water this morning. this shows us the emotional heroes' welcome. but the procession fo
cleared. all lanes are open. no trouble spots to report crossing over the potomac. lanes are open on the southbound stretch of the gw parkway lefting the capital beltway headed out towards the potomac crossings. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >>> d.c. council member michael brown is providing more details about alleged missing money from his campaign. he contacted police back in july but at that point, we didn't know much about how much had been taken. >> brown now says it is more than $100,000. he called media together to point his finger directly at a campaign worker who he believes took the money right out from under his nose. matt ackland has the story. >> reporter: for now, $112,000 in campaign contributions are down drain and there is less than two months until election day. >> our campaign is also committed to recovering every single dollar that was taken from us. >> reporter: councilmember brown spoke to the media in front of the wilson building w only limit detail, he tried to explain who he believes took the money over a period of a few months. >> i want
. including a boat rescue on the potomac river. >> reporter: even though it was a satuay, you were on stand by. >> i was on stand by. we have 37 fire stations staffed 24/7. they put additional staff on as well. that was helpful. >> reporter: deputy chief mike riley, thank you. we'll update what efforts are going on during the day. but reston, hit hard. the cleanup, not only is fully underway at this early hour on a sunday morning as we have had team coverage throughout yesterday afternoon and evening and coming in today, but you see they have got a lot more work ahead. but luckily, a lot of damage, minor injuries. that's the latest from reston, live. richard d angie, back to you. >> chris, thank you. >>> the storm did rip through pretty quickly and without much warning. >> it caught hundreds off guard in prince georges county and it's to blame for at least a dozen injuries. the high winds and heavy rain tore through the fair and upper marlboro yesterday. hundreds tried to go into the show place arena and this caused a near stampede. four people were hospitalized and officials say the storm and
near the bay waters, the lighter greens are the 60s right on the tidal potomac. a cool 61 by 7:00 a.m. we'll still be chilly. not a lot of wind, generally 5 to 10 miles an hour in the 50s. by noontime, wind picking up a little bit, gusting to around 20 to 25 miles an hour. highs reaching upper 70s. the winds blustery by midafternoon. sunrise 6:45. sunset 7:24. i'm back in ten minutes with another hometown forecast. a look at your first 4 traffic now. good morning, mike. >> thank you, tom. >>> things looking great on the beltway. no serious problems on the inner or outer loop. big problem on southbound 295 at 410/riverdale road. accident has traffic squeezing by to the right. we're seeing significant delays. here we are at chopper 4. traffic is just squeezing by now. really on the right shoulder. delays begin just after the beltway. it will take you all the way to 410. after that, things smooth up. as you can see, very big backup right now because of this accident southbound 295 at 410. aaron, eun? >> thank you, mike. >>> new this morning, a man is in the hospital after being shot al
eastern bazaar in potomac maryland. ahead we have a sneak peek of what's there for the whole family. >> it should be a beautiful weekend for just about anything outdoors. howard says it will be sunny today with high in the 80s. your weekend forecast straight ahead right here on 9news now. ♪ >>> welcome back to 9news now. it's 6:44. and 60 degrees, monika here with timesaver traffic. and here's a look at the beltway over in college park. if you are looking at the inner loop of the beltway -- or outer loop of the beltway as you leave new hampshire heading west towards silver spring. you have the brake lights here, a live look from the sky 9. overall look at that the beltway is doing pretty well. and here's what it looks like on 270 on the southbound side. you've got those brake lights beginning up at i-70 and that's just going to be off and on toward 109 and 121 it's actually really not that bad. we'll take a life look outside this time in virginia on the northbound side of i-95. and you've got slow traffic down in woodbridge here in springfield. the northbound side of route 1 in du
-general george gordon in the army of the potomac at gettysburg. within one week these valiant vagabonds would have been marching down broad street in philadelphia and the war may well have ended in the summer of 1863. this was indeed a crisis of the union. and more about general later. so, it was truly decisive. people at the time recognized. although it has always been sought, the south never smiled after shiloh, after those four days in early july 1863, july 1st, 2nd, and 30 gettysburg, july 4th in the west, vicksburg falls to grant. the south really thin only fight on and try to believe the union. there is really no hope of winning the war. it is only a question of whether the union remains. the fire of the belly to cross the war into a decisive conclusion. well, in the book "cain at gettysburg" there are several things i was trying to do. i was trying to get back. original records, memoirs the letters to mom. eyewitness accounts. and, of course, the grim work done by historians over the decades and a century and a half since. but it really helps me to have a military background because of
frostburg, 47 in cumberland. was article does numbers. at elsewhere. 50 in manassas. 51 along the potomac at reagan national? . sunshine throughout the day. l day.r beautifu you will be hard-pressed to find clouds. high temperatures in the low 80s. little warmer than yesterday. back into the low 80's. that is average for this time of year. looking ahead into the weekend, a chance of showers by saturday. barry slight chance of a few showers on saturday./ -- very slight. now to traffic with angela. >> no complaints on the road right now. activel have a couple zones, but everything is moving nicely leaving the 395.ict on from the 14thts the springfield interchange. traveling around the beltway in virginia, a couple troublespots that may slow you down briefly. left lanes are closed northbound 123 at the beltway. still closed for overnight oaintenance for overnightt 767 from the inner loop. , in north bethesda, work zone in the and thebetween 270 near cedar lane. still looking good otherwise for the start of the wednesday morning drive. back to you. >> thank you. the magic number to the washin
convention means the campaigns are unleashed. are unleashed. >> 19 people arrested from the potomac river after their boat overturned. everyone was rescued and no one was hurt. it flipped on the bridge connecting d.c. to northern virginia. the presidential candidates are tweaking their message and sharpening their attacks on each other. president obama and romney treated bounce today. we have a brand more with the story. mbrian mooar with teh story. >> the west palm beach pizza store owner is a registered republican but his fans and the president. >> are you a power lifter or what? ronny opted for a slightly quieter fun opportunity when the focus was on the economy. >> this president has not been able to deliver on his promises. >> when the opponent goes around saying the nation is in decline, he does not know what he's talking about. >> the president defended his own economic record while defending. >> they could not answer questions about how they would pay for $5 trillion in new tax cuts and $2 trillion in defense spending without raising taxes on the middle class. that's not bold lead
in potomac and the fight for public land. they were hoping montgomery county and the school board would hand over documents. a judge ruled the county had provided enough records for the case. the pharmaceutical -- the farmer sued the county and the school board. the judge put police on hold and that allowed the farmers. >> travelers have a new way to get in and out of the district. congresswoman cut the ribbon on the new greyhound bus terminal at union station today. norton has been pushing to open the service there for two years. greyhound passengers can buy bus tickets at a ticket facility on site at union station. >> you cannot get those windows down on the bus. >> some clouds are coming in. keeping our eye on the sky and there are some rainshowers i will show you coming our way. this is the last of that blue sky it from early this morning. it was a cold morning. washington, 53. 40's for folks out in hagerstown. winchester, 30's. the temperatures have recovered a lot. look at the average. 76 degrees. look at the record low, the record low, 39 degrees in the 1960's. some of the showers hav
. clear skies. temperatures, it will be a pleasant evening. 79 degrees out over washington. 75 in potomac. and nice and comfortable -- dew point temperatures are nice and low. comfortable evening. average size 78. at reagan national. 60 in boston. 64 in chicago. it will come in behind a cold front. it will cause showers and thunderstorms in our area. before it arrives, we will get a push of southerly breezes. moving offshore. the wind out of the south. helping to push the wind will be this cold front. a warm day tomorrow. mid-80's. then by 4:00, that is when the timing seems right. some of a chance that be heavy to severe. the front early in the morning, coming through during the late clearing rapidly with for sunday.ratures have to pay attention to storms because the storm prediction center says there is that some of the storms through portions of new york and new jersey and pennsylvania. then we will clear out following that. forecast tomorrow looks pleasant. 83-87. thunderstorms and showers the afternoon. sunday looks good. sunshine and the same story monday. seasonal temp
. degrees. potomac, 53 temperatures outside right now. 43 degrees in oakland. 55 in manassas. the same in fredericksburg. chicago,chigan and a this cooler air moves off toward .he east high pressure will stay with us day.nother will have an increase as into tuesday afternoon. showers by wednesday. look at the area covered by the frost advisory for the overnight hours. from western maryland -- western maryland to st. louis. we will look for milder to the midas we move the week. after that, another cool down. give it another couple of weeks so and we will be looking at the problems they will face out to the west. here is our forecast. temperatures tomorrow, similar what we had today. around 70 degrees. skies clear out a little bit. notice the time line. moving into the day on tuesday, clouds push in to the west. temperatures will be in the 70's. more humidity. chance for showers. here is our forecast for tonight. a coat if you are taking e dog out for a walk. upper 40's. temperatures around 70 degrees. sunshine. n the mid 70's on wednesday. thursday, we go down a little bit. build across
the corridor getting ready to cross the potomac another strong thunderstorms. none of these are severe, but they are putting down heavy rain. if you can hold off heading out the door, i would do so. it will probably miss with traffic a little. manassas has just about 1.7 inches of rain. bristow just under 1 inch. the forecast for today, partly sunny and 67 degrees. 74 degrees by noon. most of the day dry again. we will see storms redevelop late in the day. how about it, angela? >> we are dealing with quite a few trouble spots out there. we've mentioned the word zone on i-95 in virginia toward frederiksberg between 17 and route 3 out of the way. they are getting that out of the roadway as well. plans are reopened but we are still looking at sluggish traffic. traffic is heavier on i-66. on the eastbound side of 66 as you approach 110. there is a right plane blocked with this crash. 29 on the lee highway. the jackknife tractor-trailer on the right side near 355 rockville pike and it should be out of the way in a short time. sluggish around old georgetown road on the inner loop to pass 355
is away. watch for skies to become mostly sunny. a couple sprinkles lingering across the potomac of virginia and maryland, but nothing to be concerned about. we will stay nice and dry for week withf the temperatures gradually warming. next chance of rain late saturday. i am pleasantly surprised that we don't have as much debris around the area as the weather was dramatic yesterday. in fairfax county there was an accident westbound on the little overtopping the beltway. through.ble t no problems on 95, 395, coming city, getting over occoquan, 395 wide open at street and it looks good across the 14th street bridge. in maryland, the beltway is open. of construction was put on hold because of the weather. on the beltway in silver spring. kindle north avenue looks good. 270 is an easy trip. back to you. >> thank you. seen thebly have style" daniel van as .one viral on the web video that has gone viral. there have been imitations. >> and workers lost their jobs video.osting this they had the moves down. be they should've been working at the time. to get theirng jobs back. th
. along the potomac, 59. dulleswe drop down to 49 that would be the first time since may. that's something to look forward to, i do think temperatures will after few more degrees sunrise. perfect day like yesterday, but we are starting morning, sothis let in thendows and fresh air. will be a little warmer this 70's.oon in the upper possible low eighties in a few locations. will talk about the next rain in a few minutes now. to steve. >> in takoma park, maryland, a tree came down tree came410 at cedar avenue. 410 is blocked both ways. choose an alternate route and park area right 410.along that will be blocked until they get that remote. 14th street bridge, northbound 395 into the district, moving smoothly. shot a bridge heading into account if. all lanes are open. back to you. >> thank you. degrees., 56 fears that a case of sporting sick.make neighbors >> what test results mean for cleaned out a >> what test results mean for cleane[ male announcer ] for the dreamers... and those well grounded. for what's around this corner... and the next. there's cash flow options from pnc. solutions to h
sprinkles in the potomac highlands. e potomac river, west of hagerstown, northwest of martinsburg. have a few downpours later on. are few sprinkles near baltimore, by the way. a few sprinkles today into tomorrow. 77 now when the district, 72 in dulles airport and gaithersburg. it's gone to be and humid day. you will notice that in the air. a few sunny breaks. for the high temperature with scattered showers and the afternooninto and evening. nothing severe. be some flash flooding today and tomorrow. steve hershorn is checking the roads. >> pretty good ride so far on 395 from springfield to the 14th street bridge. in the main lanes sandy hov lanes. no problems on this first day after this summer vacation. no accidents or incidents on the reported to slow you down. a good start. keeping our fingers crossed. heading over to the beltway near lookingty boulevard, good through college park, crown silver spring, light volume. some wet roads all around the area. out for that, especially ramps. we still have a problem in northwest washington. closing be to drive both ways near joyce road. a tree
this time inside the beltway crossing the potomac river. everything is final. same with the roosevelt bridge coming in from 66. in lorton 95 is still nice and light, lorton up to springfield and on to 395. i'll be back with more traffic at 4:55. but first, inspectors have found cracks on two more bridges on maryland's intercounty connector. the toll road is still safe to travel according to officials but the hairline cracks do need to be repaired. the designer for the project is disputing the state's findings and has hired a third party consultant to decide who's right. hairline cracks were also found on bridges on a separate segment of the 19-mile highway. a different contractor agreed to pay for the repairs in that case. back to you. >> thank you, monika. >>> suicide is a public health issue which affects millions of people every year. but it remains a taboo subject which is not openly discussed the way it should be. i spoke with u.s. surgeon genre gina benjamin about this issue and a new -- regina benjamin about this issue and a new national campaign. >> it is almost one every 15 minutes.
of the blue ridge and the potomac highlands later on today. tonight with developing, near 70 degrees. sticky tomorrow, low 90's. front on saturday will give us areas of rain. behind that front, an upper 70's. low humidity as well. how is the commute? >> off to a great start. quiet for your friday eve. no early incidents to report. we are keeping an eye on the commute through springfield. coming up on 95 and continuing 395, it's wide open southboundand between the beltway and the 14th bridge. maryland, a live look at 270 west montgomery road, a little the southbound side. all lanes are open and moving without delay. back to you. >> thank you. the smartphone wars continue. details.lson has nokia and motorola unveiled a smartphones. whichdebuted the lumia has an 8 megapixel camera. motorola and showed off its droid phones with an 8 camera and it will run the android jellybean operating system. long rumored telephone unveiled at an event today. zynga has the latest version of its flagship game of "farmville graphics,has better for the 18od news play theeople original each month. ♪i -- i got it
. just like the past several days. at the doppler radar. we have areas of light rain off in the potomac highlands and parts of west virginia. closer to the shenandoah valley. we are drive for the most part this morning. cloudy today. more showers and thunderstorms this afternoon, of a few downpours. 89 today for the high temperature. now to steve. the 14th street bridge is starting off well from arlington into the district. springfield looks ok all town. andto the southeast southwest freeway and 13th street tunnel looking good. 109, aery county, little heavy just past the exit 109 to the truck scales. after that it continues to be a to the lane divide. here we are on 95 in virginia, a , but still t speed. looks good north of 395 as well. back to you. >> thank you. new this morning, the search is a deadlyrtar -- fewting that happened a midnight rally for quebec's new premier. >> she was removed from the stage. she was not injured. was the clear if she who wasf the shooter a 50-year-oldd as man. he shouted in french, "the english are waking up." he says a small fire behind a before he was
is morning u what things look like over the potomac. that ou can see some of eady moving over the ridge. a littleear skies with fog developing in the of that. feeling really good. district. in the dulles. at manassas. b.w.i. is 56 morning. this morning in annapolis. a degree above where we this time of year. average high was 81. 80. cease dropping down a little bit. minutes ng about two per weekend is a autumnal equinox. an you believe it? features today skies you the clear here with the louds still trying to move in, cold front ith that some showers across the great lakes today. rier air --ow falling apart energy with this front o going to be pushing up north. squeeze out some tonight but that is it. to be about weekend.uin your 78-83 degrees. a few clouds. sprinkle maybe. 56-64. seven-day he forecast. that really nice through the weekend and a few but sunshine and our chance of rain by tuesday and this a pretty significant rain.f getting some use a little ould bit as well. hat's your forecast. with check on traffic now angela. > thank you, good morning, veryone
she get someone to look at it before tearing it apart. in july, she brought it here to the potomac company auction house in old town alexandria. when the woman showed up here, she was carrying the painting in a white plastic garbage bag with a draw string around the top, just the same kind of thing you would use in your kitchen. >> she opens up the bag and this little jewel come out. it really is a jewel. >> reporter: ann craner is the director of fine arts in potomac. who would have believed it was the work of renoir. >> he has a full brush stroke. her are little flexes. here is the side of the brush. >> reporter: renoir is one. greatest impressionists. >> purples, pinks, greens. it is amazing. it is fabulous. rotor numbers matched up. >> this is the stock number here. >> reporter: it is called landscape on the banks of the seine river probably painted in 1879. >> i just couldn't believe it. >> reporter: she's feeling lucky. are you buying any lottery tickets or anything? >> i just bought one today. >> reporter: just how lucky we'll see when it
sprinkles across the tidal potomac into the northern neck. those are passing well to the southeast of the metro area. we still have cloudiness from the mountains to the atlantic beaches. it's still cloudy this morning. it's quite chilly. we're down into the 50s west and northern suburbs. frederick county had a lot of water. there was 18 inches of water around the west frederick middle school yesterday afternoon. we had scattered tree damage too in montgomery county and howard and frederick and across northern virginia. leesburg 61, manassas down to 61. much of fairfax county and prince george's county just near 60 degrees. 50s out in the mountains. hour by hour today. by noon, still cloudy, hovering around 60 degrees. a cool and breezy morning. but then winds settle down, we get more sun during the afternoon. highs reaching low 70s by midafternoon. sunrise 6:54. sunset 7:09. i'll be back with the hometown forecast in ten minutes. danella, your first 4 traffic. >> good morning. >>> as melissa reported just a few moments ago, if you're traveling along southern avenue, that 800 block
at the potomac national stadium in woodbridge. how mitt romney's 47% remarks are impacting decisions of area voters. >> help me in joining and welcoming our president, the president of all america. >> reporter: from the introduction on, this rally for president barack obama put a spotlight on republican challenger mitt romney's secretly recorded comments that hit the headlines earlier this week. in a chat with donors, romney said 47% of americans would vote for president obama automatically, because they were dependent on government and saw themselves as victims. >> i don't believe we can get very far with leaders who write off half the nation as a bunch of victims. i don't see a lot of victims in this crowd today. i see hard-working virginians. >> reporter: while the president was looking out over a crowd of more than 10,000, it's smaller than the tens of thousands that came to his prince william county four years ago. gop elected leaders take heart in what they see as the campaign for romney. >> i think it's a positive indication for republicans, and a bad indication for barack obama. he's
week. how about that. take a look at this shot, guys. kennedy center down there today along the potomac. gorgeous all across the area. this was the waterfront there right along georgetown. once again, a fantastic day to get out and do a little walking, doing a little jogging, even get out there on a boat in the potomac. lows this morning, you probably needed the jacket when you stepped outside for most of you. frederick, maryland, coming in at 45 early this morning, 46 in winchester and 46 in culpepper, 48 in manassas. 60 in washington. these were around 5:00, 6:00 in the morning. by around 8:00, 9:00, you're able to take off the jacket as the temperatures start to go up very quickly. it went up to a high of 81 degrees today. that is the average high for this time of year, believe it or not. the low, 60. the average low is 64. so a little bit below average for the day. another cool startut there. i think we'll be about the same for tomorrow morning. 79 degrees right now. winds out of the south about 13 miles per hour. a little bit of a breeze. just to give you an even better feeling abo
. and on the potomac river 19 people were rescued after the racing boat they were on capsized. what powered these storms? >> we saw a shift in the weather pattern with cooler air dropping down and that produced 300 wind reports all across the northeast and then we got the tornadoes in new york city on top of that. >> reporter: volatile storms that are not uncommon this time of year but this weekend they packed an extra punch. michelle franzen, nbc news, new york. >>> we are following active storms in the atlantic tonight. tropical storm leslie has just passed by bermuda and will continue to cause high surf and rip tides. jim cantori is watching this storm from bermuda tonight. >> reporter: it has been a very rainy day. this area is about 12 inches down in rainfall. we just got word from the national security minister that he is giving bermuda the all-clear in terms of having no injuries and no major structural damage. leslie is still a big storm and will make its way to canada. this thing has about a 200-mile wide tropical storm windfield. even though it missed us by 140 miles we were still
... a... "dragon boat"... to ooerturn the potomac...//this... is... video... captured saturday afternoon... as... 19 people... were... pulled to safety...//. no one was injured. the mmn that was suspected in the disappearance of a maryland woman in aruba... is now being sued by american expr. express.the company is suing gary giordano because it says ittshouldn't have to pay out on n insurance claim he took out on robyn gardner.gardner traveled with giordano to aruba last august... and disappeared while snorkeling. the suit syassthe policy is void because giordano and garnder aren't married...aren't related and weren't business partners. giordano was arrested after gardner went missing... but was not charged. a... change of heart... by... a... public official../. who... cciticized.... a... baltimore raven.../ for... publicly... supporting ... same-sex ...marriige. ...marriage.linebacker... "brendon... payanbadejo"... recorded... a video... supporting... the state law.../// but... delegate ...emmett burns ... wrote...
continues today... ooer what caused a "dragon boat" to overturn in the potomac river..his is the afternoon as 19 people being pulled to safety.luckily... no one as injuredd 100 newwjobs... are coming to howard a ribbon cutting willltake placc for "elta north america"... in fulton.the company is affiliated with an internatiooal radar defense mannfacturer... that's looking to expand to maryland. according to senator barbara mikulski... the jobs will be added over the next 4 years. a canadian dance studio is stirring up controversity with its latest class: pole dancing for kids.the instructor says her classes are abouu fitness and fun... not sex.she sayy children who pole ance get an upper-body workout.vascular and "there is nothing provocative. there is nothing sexual about it. it's pure fitness and strength and fun. i mean kids love climbing trees. they will cllmb anything" anything"kids pole dancing isn't new.just last week... there was a national pooe dancing championship in russia... where kids as young as 7 were allowed to compete. 3 3 3 purple monday is here! &pand i
for a small craft advisory on the bay and tidal potomac. terps football, we're undefeated. huskies coming in town, a little drama, temps in the 70s, wind northwest 10 to 15, a perfect day for football. by afternoon a perfect day for anything else. mostly sunny, beautiful, need your shades, upper 70s, winds calm down a bit out of the northwest at 10. we'll talk about the zone forecast. you jump the divide only in the 60s for oakhand, mid-70s for couple -- oakland, mid-70s for culpeper. warrenton, manassas, leesburg upper 70s tomorrow. downtown upper 70s into southern maryland down toward hughesville and waldorf upper 70s. looking at 78 downtown and as you go up 270 into gaithersburg up toward frederick as well. the next three days code green, why not? great tomorrow, sunshine, 78, nice sunday near 80, cloud coming in late -- clouds coming in late. a chance of a shower monday, better chance tuesday. looks like monday night and tuesday night will be wet, temperatures tuesday mild, windy with showers, rain and thunderstorms, should clear out quickly. we're cautiously optimistic about wednesda
alert involving theinv fate of a pot tomorrow mackma mayor -- potomac maryland man.yl the country is prepared to negotiate a solution in the fate of alan he's serving 15 year sentence. gross's attorney claims hisms health is deteriorating while he's in prison. >>> tonight, news edge n conclusive.ew we are hearing from former dc mayor fenty.yo mayor fenty has shied away froma y the spotlight since being defeated two years ago.s what does fenty think about all the scandals? >> reporter: we've caught up with mayor fenty after a radior interview focused on the chicago teacher walk out. he wants to evaluate teachers on performance, but we asked himed about recent events here locally, since he left office. he was careful with his words. >> the mayor says he's happy to be a private citizen, and seeme to shy away from calls for him to return to the public spotlight. >> people miss seeing you.e is there anything going on? >> i may have to argue with that, but i don't know whetherwh people miss seeing me or not, but i , born and raised here. mayorporter: the former was careful with
heart dropped. continue to share your thoughts at >>> new tonight, the health of a potomac, maryland man being held in cuba is getting worse. the wife of alan gross just returned from a four-day visit to see her husband in jail. she released a statement that says in part, "i am devastated by his appearance. alan's health continues to deteriorate. while his spirit remains strong, i fear he is not going to survive this terrible ordeal." she continued to plead for his release. he was arrested and convicted of spying. he's serving a 15-year sentence. >>> a developing story in maryland where the hunt is on for answers after a teenager was shot and killed while walking to school today. markel ross was junior at central high school in capitol heights, found shotn the sidewalk a mile from his school just before 7:00 this morning. ross' mother says he was being bullied last year and things had gotten better. >> he made honor roll every quarter last year, and we had been talking about him going to college, and i told him i also would like to see him go in the reserves. >> grief couns
to the interharbor. may get raindrops in downtown annapolis and sprinkles running along the potomac, south of leesburg towards poolesville eventually fading out aiming down to the northwest side of the capitol beltway. pretty much area wide, sprinkle can't be ruled out. the motherload of wet weather, out to the west. cloudy, humid, scatters showers and thunderstorms around. temperatures mid to upper 80s. upper 70s by 11:00 p.m. for tomorrow, the nationals and cardinals one more game at 1:30 tomorrow afternoon. cloudy, humid, 84 at first pitch and a rain delay more and more likely. if you're headed down to the beaches, shower chances tomorrow, rain likely for monday, and kind of stormy weather on into tuesday as well. so not exactly the weather they were hoping for at the beaches. evening showers for some this evening. the real problem is going to be organizing rains and deep tropical moisture coming our way. overnight cloudy, scattered showers and humid. nothing major tonight. tomorrow, though, the rain chances start to ramp up. rain likely at almost any point during your sunday tomorrow.
in winchester. 45 in cumberland. 59 at reagan national along the borders of the potomac. beautiful today, picture- perfect, mostly sunny. a few degrees warmer than yesterday in the upper 70's and possibly lower 80's in a few locations. not you did at all. very comfortable. a rather cool start. dress in layers. near 80 this afternoon with sunshine. we will break 80 degrees the next couple days. next chance of showers on the weekend. late saturday or sunday we could see a few showers from the cold front. that's all for the weather. steve, what's the latest? >> at the wilson bridge -- sorry, 395 at duke street, looks good northbound and southbound moving smoothly from springfield to the 14th street bridge. looks good all the way to dumphries on 95. things look good on both sides of the beltway and across the wilson bridge between alexandria and oxon hill. no problems in the through lanes or the local lanes. in springfield, just a little volume. from newington to springfield, moving at speed. back to you. >> thank you. the washington nationals extending their lead in the nl leadto 6.5 games
in just a little bit. 19 people are safe tonight after their boat overturned on the potomac river. it happened just under the 14th street bridge. the d.c. police harbor patrol says nobody was hurt. they say today's severe weather may have played a part in the boat's capsize. >>> take a look at this. incredible pictures of a tornado in new york city. the rare twister struck the beach front neighborhood of breezy point in queens. the tornado pulled down power lines and left property damage. no injuries reported. >>> still ahead on 9news now this saturday night. mitt romney stops in virginia as he and president barack obama begin their post convention campaigning. >>> plus, why a new restaurant trend could have you moving your night out to a weekday. and as we head into the break, a look at pictures viewers sent into the 9 newsroom. if you have pictures to share, you can upload them to our wusa9 facebook page. >>> world's most active volcano is at it again. two daredevil photographers captured these incredible images of the volcano in hawaii. the moment that red hot lava poured into
today... over what caused a "dragon boat" to overturn in the potomac river.this s the video captured saturday afterno. can see 19 people being pulled to safety. luckily... no ne was injured. ((2-shot ttss to weather)) ((ad lib meteorologist)) 3 ((traffic reporter ad libs))map belairwilkens295mapmta 3 3 410-767-8146 &p3 &pyou can become.. our fan of the day! viewers from our facebook our page... and feature them on fox45 news at become a fan just go to our facebook paae... facebook dot com slash foxbaltimore. the conventions are now what? what?uppnext... a look at what's onnthe presiddntial cannidates' schedules... ((break 2)) [ male announcer ] for the dreamers... and those well grounded. for what's around this corner... and the next. there's cash flow options from pnc. solutions to help businesses like yours accelerate receivables, manage payments, and help ensure access to credit. because we know how important cash flow is to reaching your goals. pnc bank. for the achiever in you. pnc bank. 3 theee are less than two months until election day.not enough
on the potomac. how great is that? a nice sailboat just going right up the river right in front of the woodrow wilson bridge there. hey, that's the way it's going to be over the next couple of days. we did see a high of 81 degrees a little bit earlier today. the low this morning, 60 degrees. i think we'll see another cool day tomorrow, at least a cool start tomorrow. right now, we're at 67 and winds out of the southwest. everybody in the 50s to norlt and west. we're looking at 57 in culpepper. we are going to cool, but we're not going to get down into the low 40s like we were the last two nights. i think maybe the mid to upper 40s for you folks out towards the west. for now, no rain. there is a very potent storm. this actually braugt colorado a lot of rain. and they also had some snow up towards the highest elevations. pike's peek hak had a little bi snow today. that front, very cold air behind it right now. it's only 52 in denver. that won't happen here. but what will happen is this area of high pressure will slowly move off the kwoes. more nice weather on friday ahead of that same cold front
, she spent only about $7. >> i don't think it's hit me yet completely. >> reporter: here at the potomac company they've come across rare furniture, like this table, and this tiffany chalis. collectors and art historians may spend a lifetime researching and never find a work like this. >> she really found a needle in a haystack. >> bingo, you just never know. experts believe that painting was done in 1879. >>> well, putting on makeup is sometimes a work of art. and you might be surprised to know who's helping the cosmetic industry expand these days. it's men. liz crenshaw shows us how stores are now marketing grooming products to get more business from the guys. >> i'm old school. just regular soap. soap works for everything. >> reporter: but the face of men's skin is re guys are buyin care products. so marketers are making room for men. >> i just think in general, take care of yourself. >> reporter: vice president of men's fashion for macy's, the classic american department store has launched what it calls the men's grooming zone. and dropped it in the main aisle, not buried in the wome
advisory for the bay or tidal potomac. 52 to 62 to start, great by noon, mid- to upper 70s, great by evening, 79 to 83. hard to diagram a better day, quite frankly. next three days code green, spectacular tomorrow, 81, nice friday, 82, yes, a shower late friday fire, a few clouds friday afternoon. so not as picture perfect but nice. next seven days we've kept sunday dry, upper 70s. so that frontal boundary will go through friday night instead of saturday night which is good. monday some showers and thunderstorms again and then tuesday maybe leftover shower or back in the low 80s and then cool on wednesday, but brisk and nice, low 70s. >> love it, love it. we're back after the break with some big news of events happening in our area and topper and i promise not to sing. we'll be right back. >> really. >>> looking ahead to tomorrow, mitt romney will hold a rally ativan dike park in fairfax. doors open -- at van dyke park in fairfax. doors open at 9 a.m. the program starts at 11:35. at university of mary washington at 5 p.m. michelle obama speaks and also tomorrow a national service
through 19 people were rescued after their boat overturned on the potomac river under the 14th street bridge. d.c. police harbor patrol says nobody was hurt. they say today's severe weather may have actually played a part in the boat's capsizing. >>> as we head into break, a look at some of the pictures viewers have sent in to the 9 newsroom. upload yours to the wusa9 facebook page. [ female announcer ] what would you call an ordinary breakfast pastry that's been wrapped in a flaky crust stuffed with a gooey center toasted up all golden brown then given a delicious design? a toaster strudel. pillsbury toaster strudel. so fun. mom, we're dying. no you're not, you're just hungry. make some tots pizza rolls. we don't have any! front... left, totino's. [ male announcer ] well done mom! less drama, more fun! totino's pizza rolls. less drama, more fun! mid gradedark roast rest fresh full tank brn freeze ca donettes rolling hot dogs baofce ti-freeze sh and dry diesel self-serve fix a flat juer cables cashback siupor% shback at gas stations through september. itays to discover.
north of potomac. right now the storms are north and south of the stadium. that's the way we like them. 85 great falls. 83 in vienna. 86 in college park. 84 in bowie. so still tropical and unsettled. a few storms early tonight. odds are in favor of the nats game. even hotter tomorrow. i guess the good news, the silver lining, the morning commute will be dry on thursday morning. so, an early heavy thunderstorm tonight, otherwise muggy, 68 to 74. we'll have patchy fog again after midnight, especially in those areas receiving showers right now. warm and humid, temperatures in the 70s and 80s and by afternoon, partly cloudy, hot and humid. scattered storms, some could be hefty. high temperatures around 90. it will feel more like 95. now the next three days, we're going to keep tomorrow code yellow. a few storms, 90 on thursday. we're going to go to a code green on friday with an isolated storm, but hot, 91. and scattered storms on saturday and that's good news because well, that will set the stage for a nice weekend. talked about this yesterday, derek, we cleared it out on monday. didn't c
's a little better. and 351 with potomac edison are out power. and crews are turning the lights back on as we speak. news 4's darr sis spencer continues our team coverage from northwest washington. darcy? >> reporter: jim, we told you at 11:00 last night, pepco set a deadline to have 90% restored by tomorrow morning. they said they met this that goal this morning. you can see multiple trucks are here, utility trucks. they have to replacetility poles and there are lines down all over the street, so a lot of work to do before everyone gets back on. >> saturday afternoon, high winds and heavy rain caused scattered damage and a lot of power for thousands of residents in the region. today, the skies are bright as residents clean up and utility crews work to get the lights back on. on fairfield road in bethesda, crews were chopping up large trees that fell. neighbors said three trees had fallen as a result of summer storms. one resident had good things to say about pepco, which has been criticized. >> they've been here since 7:00 thisorning with multiple crews. >> reporter: in northwest d.c., a pow
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